It’s scary how quickly Halloween is approaching (pun absolutely intended). In hopes to stay on theme with the season, I put together some Fitness Training Tricks & Healthy Treat ideas! Halloween can be used as an excuse to fall off track with your budding health journey, but DON’T let it. Last week one of my mentors said, “If you can’t make the changes while you are busy, don’t expect to see results”. Basically, when health becomes a priority in life your perspective changes. The new perspective is built on drive and determination to obtain and MAINTAIN the goals that have been set.

So let’s get started with our Fitness Tricks!


Incorporate full-body – free weight exercises to every program

A full body exercise is defined as an exercise that incorporates 2 or more joint movements and requires multiple muscle groups within one repetition. Free weights allow individuals to perform exercises in all planes of motion, and through different degrees of amplitude, while creating full body movements cuts down time spent in the gym.  By incorporating full body movements into a routine the client will enhance their motor learning skills and improve overall performance and balance.


Example: Lunge to Two-Arm Dumbbell Press

When performing any squatting or lunging motion, make sure the foot stays straight and the knees stay in line with the toes. This will ensure proper joint mechanic and optimal force generation, increasing the benefits of the exercise and decreasing the risk of injury.

Utilize Objects Around the Home To Achieve Your Goals

Some of my favorite workouts can be performed by strictly utilizing my own body weight. One of the best pieces of furniture to utilize is a chair. Chairs provide multiple levels to work from, which create a plethora of acute variables that can be placed on the body. Acute variables are defined as the most fundamental components of designing a training program. They determine the amount of stress placed on the body and, ultimately what adaption’s the body will incur.

screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-8-34-12-pm Fit For God

Example: Multi-Level Plank

Maintain proper posture throughout the entire movement. Keep the belly button  drawn in towards the spine, and the back level. Also, ensure the piece of furniture being utilized is sturdy and stable!


Healthy Treats are crucial! When clients begin to incorporate exercise into their daily routine they require a higher caloric intake. We’re not just talking ANY calories. The calories required to maintain a healthy body must be able to provide to proper nutrients for the body to break down and utilize as energy.

For those of you who do not know me, I am FAR from being a chef. However, I do know how to google some tasty alternatives. These two treats are easy to make and a PERFECT substitute for unhealthy party food.

Apple Mummies

How stinkin’ adorable are these? These cute apples will be such a hit at any Halloween party. They will also give parents peace of mind to know they have conquered the themed treat AND the healthy option in one shot! I found this idea on Two Healthy Kitchen’s blog, where she share exactly how she creates the mummies and shares a link to a delicious dippin’ sauce idea! Full Blog Post on Two Healthy Kitchens


Halloween Stuffed Peppers

HOW did we not think of this idea before! Stuffed peppers are simple to put together and so versatile. With the endless options of fillings, you are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters with this Halloween Treat! My husband and I typically brown turkey meat instead of lean ground beef. Pampered Chef


Have a safe and happy Halloween!


Alyssa Heitz xoxo

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  1. Thanks for the reminder to make fitness a goal in this busy Halloween season. And the two healthy recipes will help counter-act all the candy around!


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